Practice Information

Practice Info

Practice Information


LOCATION – Practices will generally be held at J. L. Mann High School.   Coaches will notify you by text if practice has been cancelled or moved.

DROPPING OFF / PICKING UP –  There is ample parking only a few steps away in the high school’s parking lot by the tennis courts. Parking is not permitted in the basketball court area at the high school. Please be prompt in dropping off and picking up your child. It is not fair to coaches to wait for your child to be picked up.

CLOTHING – Shorts, T-shirts or tank top, and running shoes should be worn to practice. Athletes should bring sweatshirts and sweatpants to prevent cooling down too quickly after a workout or race. Uniforms should not be worn to practice.

RUNNING SHOES – Each athlete must provide his or her own running shoes. The shoe you select should be specially designed as a running shoe (i.e. not court, aerobic, multiputpose or basketball shoes). The cost of shoes can vary greatly.  If you are new to the program, you may wish to consult with your coach before selecting a shoe.

TRACK SHOES (Spikes) – Spikes (5mm or 3/16″) may improve speed and running form, but are not required. Gremlins are not permitted to wear spikes. Once your athlete’s events have been determined, discuss with your coach which kind of spikes are best. Certain events and facilities have restrictions on the size and type of spike allowed. Used spikes may be available through the team from athletes who have outgrown them. When spikes are allowed at practice, they should be treated with extra care. Spikes shall be worn only for the portion of practice which requires them, then removed.

IDENTIFY YOUR EQUIPMENT – Please label every item with your athlete’s name and telephone number. Spikes should be labeled on the outside heel cup, since many others will have the same type of shoe.

BEHAVIOR – One of the major goals of our Club is to encourage excellence in effort and achievement. To meet this goal, we require excellence in behavior. All Jets members are expected to conduct themselves properly at all team functions. 

PARENTS – During scheduled practices, the track is reserved for the athletes only. Parents are to wait on the outside of the track. Parents are encouraged to talk with the coaches. Coaches generally prefer to talk before and after practices – not during, as that time is dedicated to training our athletes. If you are not actively involved in assisting the Coach, please refrain from entering the track and infield.